Foie Gras Chunks Odd-Size
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Foie Gras Chunks Odd-Size

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It doesn't mean that when it's odd-size it doesn't taste as good as our signature Foie Gras de canard. Why does it comes in odd size & shapes? A Foie Gras liver actually comes as a big block and often the edges aren't as pretty as the center that has been pre-sliced, but definitely taste as buttery & umami!

Keep frozen foie gras in its original packaging until you’re ready to use. Leave it in the fridge overnight until fully thawed. Foie gras is flash-frozen, a method that fully preserves the wonderful texture and flavor of the liver. Once defrosted, never re-freeze.

Storage Method: Up to 10 months in freezer

Imported from France

Nett Weight: 200g+